Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A heart for vultures

Fellow nature enthusiasts (and herbivores) Gerry and Sue go the extra kilometer for feathered friends of all sorts. They've recently taken to moving 'road kill' to their yard so that they can photograph Turkey Vultures eating. That's some hard core soft hearted-ness.

Photo by Sue Jackson
Be sure to click on these photos for a larger view. Some amazing color variations in the wings. The Turkey Vulture above is doing some sunbathing.

Photo by Gerry Morgan
Left and center are Black Vultures. They are more social than Turkey Vultures (and these two clearly know where to go for some good carcass) and flap their wings more frequently when flying. They are rarely this far north west. Take a look at the range map on the link above.

Photo by Gerry Morgan
This post is in honor of Ned 'Raptor Man' Harris, to wish him a very happy birthday. Hope you have some good carcass....I mean cake.

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