Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Hummers

Photo by Matt Ball 3/31/2012
Saw the nest a few weeks ago - mom (Anna's Hummingbird, I'm pretty sure. The nest is the right size, too.) was chittering around me as I was doing yard work. Then I noticed two tiny bills sticking up. Then both heads. What's that black stuff on the left, you ask? Hummingbird poop. It's a beautiful nest, though. Well hidden, too.
If you are interested in seeing hummingbirds up close and personal, the next banding in Sabino Canyon is Saturday 4/7. We start at sunrise (c. 6am this weekend) and continue 5 hours. Come early for the best viewing opportunity. Hummingbirds have to eat immediately after 'waking' and they know where the feeders are!

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