Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sabino Bobcat

Text and Photos from Ned Harris, Monday 8/6/2012.
I went alone to Sabino this morning on the spur of the moment. I looked over at the ramada adjacent to the tram ticket office and saw something dangling down between the slats.

I did a double take then realized they were a bobcat leg and tail. I moved over to the other side and saw this young bobcat looking over the edge of the ramada towards me. 

I moved back to the other side and he then stood up and looked at me.

He then walked over to the Palo Verde tree.

And then across a Saguaro arm. 

What a thrill!


  1. That must have been a thrill!....good shots, Ned..I think mine would have been out of focus! Sharilee

  2. great shots. Are Bobcats a danger to humans?

  3. Ned-

    Holy cow...well cats!!!!! Wish i could be there, trust me, i owuld have stayed to help you guys out, i will make sure to visit when back in Arizona. :) Those are nice shoots and i really wished i cuold have seen that when i was there.