Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome back to our Pal (fka) Luke

Photos by Marty Horowitz, 10/24/2012

His best side

Text from Mark Hengesbaugh:
We have got to change this white-patched Phainopepla's nickname from "Luke," for leucistic to "Pal," for Partial Albino. It turns out we've been using the wrong term, no question. See Sibley, Field Guide Western NA intro p. 13. In Partial Albino [phainopeplas], some of the feathers are pure white. In leucistic [phainopeplas], normal patterns are visible but all plumage is paler than normal, usually pale creamy brown. (paraphrasing).
So, it's "welcome back Pal." This is at least the 3rd year in a row he's come back to his territory near the corral.
And here's the evidence - in black and white!
2011 photo   2010 photo

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