Sunday, August 18, 2013

Late Bloomer

Photo by Steven Kessel 8/8/2013

Steven writes:
Today [8/8/2013] I photographed this Saguaro blossom. It's way past the season for Saguaro blooms but these cacti have minds of their own. The wasp is a Polistes Flavus, a species of paper wasp. Those of us who have swimming pools are familiar with these wasps because they literally can "walk on water." They have perfected the ability to land on water and to support themselves using the water's surface tension while they drink. This one, however, was attracted to the Saguaro. Notice also the tiny red ants on the flower. Those ants had to climb up about 15 feet in order to reach the flower, meaning that they must have smelled its odor from ground level. That's indeed impressive.

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