Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friends, Roamers, Tucsonans,

Photo by Ned Harris 9/16/2013
This trash - which included a towel, a flip flop, multiple glass bottles,
and yes, another diaper -  was so heavy I was straining to carry it all.
Ned can confirm that I was swearing like a sailor.

Lend me your hands! (And help me use fewer expletives!)
You don't need to be in uniform, you don't need special permission or equipment - you just need to put a bag in your pack or your pocket - and use it to pick up trash in Sabino Canyon.
Use a bagel bag, a cereal bag, or another bag you can't easily recycle. Take a smaller one to use for a 'hand mitt' (if you don't want to use gloves). Whenever you are out walking, take time to touch your toes and pick up things that don't belong - including orange and banana peels.

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