Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A flicker in time

Photo by Mark Hengesbaugh 11/7/2013

Mark writes:

Here's a Norther Flicker we saw at Sabino Dam this morning. The flicker species in Sabino recreation area year-round is the Gilded Flicker, one of the two woodpeckers that drill nest holes in the Saguaros. The Northern Flicker passes through lower Sabino during migration. Watch for the flash of red under the wings and tail of the Northern Flicker and gold on the underside of the Gilded Flicker, otherwise they're nearly indistinguishable.

Best who-ate-whom theory from yesterday's post is from the photographer herself:

I photographed this pile of poo near Sabino Creek. What I found interesting is all the metallic green bits in the poo. I'm thinking fig beetle parts. I do not know what animal this belongs to, but I am kind of thinking skunk, because I have seen them in that area, and I have seen them eat fig beetles.
Got a better idea? Please let me know!

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