Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Limber bush and monsoon myths

Photo by Ned Harris 6/21/2014

Limber bush in bloom, two weeks 'til monsoon. Okay, I made up the bad poem, but I did hear of this limber bush lore. Ned and I heard something similar about cicadas. When cicadas you first hear, 2 weeks 'til the rains are here. Okay, I made that one up, too. But at least it rhymes : -)
Both of these were presented as '2 weeks until the rains begin.' We might be able to fudge with the limber bush promise; it did rain (briefly) in some parts of Tucson approximately 2 weeks after some limber bush or another started blooming. But I recall hearing cicadas in May...
Any other predictors of monsoon rains involving the natural world? Send 'em in! Next year, we'll investigate them scientifically.

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  1. How about the myth that the monsoon start on June 15 (as opposed to average daily dewpoint is 54° F or greater for three consecutive days)?