Friday, May 27, 2016

Now for some plants!

Photo (c) Gene Spesard 3/30/2016

When we took the Esperero Trail on one of the Ned-less Nature Walks, we encountered this new (for me) plant. Thanks to Jim for the i.d.! Linear-leaved Cambess (Oligomeris linifolia). Note the square opening on the fruits.

Photo (c) Tom Trebisky 

Photo (c) Tom Trebisky

Range Ratany (Krameria erecta) is often overlooked. Fruit (on the left) is a spiky little ball.

Photo by Marty Horowitz 5/1/2016

Rough Menodora (Menodora scabra) is in the Olive Family (Oleaceae). Note the little balls on the lower left. Those are the fruits.

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