Saturday, September 24, 2016


If you were sleeping in class (I'm looking at you, Paul), you'll want to review the Mallow family tutorial that starts here!

Photo by Ned Harris 9/14/2016

Mallow family flowers have 5 separate petals. (The fruits are really interesting, as you'll see if you go through the entire tutorial.) They also have reproductive parts that stick out/stand up, as shown in the photo above of Fendler's Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea fendleri).

Photo by Ned Harris 9/10/2016

Another fine Mallow is Wild (aka Desert) Cotton (Gossypium thurberi). Inquiring minds wonder about the pink spots. They're pretty, to be sure, but they may also lead pollinators (insects) to the target. Insects can see in the ultraviolet range, and those spots may be even more prominent to them.

As always, you have more info from a credible source, please send it my way.

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