Saturday, December 17, 2016

Coati Sighting

Photo by Fred Heath 12/15/2016

Fred writes:

Today (Thursday, 12/15/2016) Mary and I were walking up the main tram road, when on the rocky slopes near bridge #2, she noticed and called my attention to a coati. This was quite exciting for me as I’ve never seen a coati in Sabino. The animal looked normal as it climbed the along the cliff going higher. It stopped for a few moments, enabling me to get a decent photo and then continued on its way.

I hate to think negative thoughts, but as there have been several cases of rabid foxes in the area (which might include the dead one between the two Bear Canyon tram road bridges), in the back of my mind I wondered if this sighting of a lone animal out in the open was also the result of the rabies virus. I hope not. In checking on animals that get rabies, I see that coatis are known to contract the disease. Enjoy your coati sightings from a distance.

 Thanks, Fred and Mary, for a great sighting and great advice!

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