Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Tale

Story and Photos by Fred Heath, 12/25/2016

Fred writes:

While out on Christmas morning, I noticed this appropriately named Christmas Cholla showing off its bright and cheery red (not cherry-red) Christmas fruits.

Christmas Cholla

Can you see me now?

Along Sabino Creek I found still another reminder of Christmas in the form of a rain deer (not to be confused with a Reindeer, also called a Caribou in North America). It was actually a White-tailed Deer which had been indirectly soaked from the rain the night before. I say indirectly because it was clear the deer, looking bedraggled and shivering while trying to hide behind a large grass tuff, was stranded in the middle of the rain swollen creek after attempting to cross. It finally decided the grass tuff wasn’t much of a hiding place and I was more of threat than the water and managed to splash across and was able to “…dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

Thanks, Fred, for this tale.

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