Thursday, April 6, 2017

Every day is science day

Marty and Linda Horowitz (and many other members of SCVN) worked with 7th graders from Esperero Canyon Middle School on 'Science Day' in Sabino on 3/29. This Spotted Skunk carcass was found near the dam by one of the students. No obvious external injuries led to the hypothesis of death by rabies. Of course, these highly trained naturalists turned this into a mini-lesson on rabies and on safety around wild animals, in general. For more info on rabies, take a look here. The basics:

  • Don’t approach or handle wild animals, especially sick wild animals
  • Vaccinate your pets
  • Get prompt post-exposure treatment when advised to do so by a doctor or health department
Anne says: Don't try to 'rescue' animals in Sabino Canyon. Even if they appear non-threatening. Even if you think you can do it. Even if you know someone who can 'save' them. Just don't. Leave them be. And consider eating fewer birds. You'll alleviate more suffering by doing so. 

photo by Marty Horowitz 3/29/2017

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