Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Clark's wear bracelets

Marty caught two Clark's Spiny lizards on one fine day in June. (Specifically, 6/2/2017) According to Reptiles of AZ:

Base coloration is blue-gray, gray, or gray-brown, often with powder blue or blue-green accents of the body and tail. A dark wedge-shape marks each shoulder and there are dark, bracelet-like crossbars on the forelimbs. Juvenile animals and females often have brown or gray crossbars on the body. Males have a large blue or blue-green patch on each side of the belly and one on the throat. These patches are often outlined with black. Belly and throat patches are faint or lacking in females.

Photos copyright Marty Horowitz 6/2/2017
 I think this one might be a female...
Update from Fred: This is a male : -)

and this one a male. Update from Fred: This is a female.

Let's ask Fred, though. He knows everything : -) Thanks, Fred!!

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