Monday, July 26, 2010

Dam Arundo

Jean and Mark took this photo on 20 July in the riparian area above the dam. I can confirm this head-high regrowth. Clearly, the dam area needs more intensive treatment to get rid of the arundo for good. Please contact Angie, the new Forest Service point person for this project, and request that the herbicide (5% Rodeo) be applied regularly to this area for as long as it takes. aelam at fs dot fed dot us

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  1. David Lazaroff said this morning (Thurs.) that he saw District Ranger Stan Helin and another USFS person applying herbicide in the Sabino Dam area on Wed. morning (7/28/10).

    I'll wait 2 weeks and take another photo of the dam Arundo dying--as it should be by then with a 5 percent application of Rodeo made yesterday.

    Maybe the text could say "... request they continue to apply herbicide monthly ..." It is, after all, a 20-year infestation that will take a continuous effort to eradicate.