Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tomato and Walnut

Greetings Sabino Canyon Fans!

Inspired by friends and fellow naturalists Patricia, Bryna, and Carol, I've decided to make this a place to share what we see, find, and experience in Sabino Canyon. This is for everyone who enjoys the sights, sounds, and seasons in the canyon. You don't need to do anything but read :-)

In order to keep it simple (at least initially), the 'comment' section has been turned OFF. (Only I can post. And you can't make a mistake.) If you have something to share, please send both text and photos to me (amgreenvo at gmail - or comcast). I hope to post once a week or so. No stress :-)

First up is the tomato:
Patricia and I noticed this one on a lizard walk on 15 June. There was only one (green) fruit at the time. As of Saturday 3 July c. 7am, it was still there, looking like this. To find it (before it rains or someone eats it), go below the dam. Facing the dam, cross over to the far right. You should see it by the dam wall. (Photos by Matt Ball)

No doubt better for the return of the natives than a sandwich filling gone awry is the Arizona Walnut sapling Carol and I noticed recently in the riparian area. Clearly, taking out the giant reed allowed sunlight to reach in and get this little tree off to a good start. Kudos to Mark and Jean Hengesbaugh for not giving up!

Please send comments, questions, photos, ideas! Let's enjoy this wonderful place.

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