Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anne recants.

Pringle's Clustervine - Jacquemontia pringlei
The white flower (looks like a white morning glory) in my post from Sunday, August 15 is, fortunately, it turns out, NOT bindweed, but rather Pringle's Clustervine. It grows as a small bush or a vine. It's all over along the road. Oops. My apologies for the error. I"m learning as I go along. (But I pride myself on not making stuff up as I go along :-)

Pennsylvania Smartweed
To redeem myself, I present a riparian plant called Pennsylvania Smartweed. Loads of it along the creek, this photo from a field by the area known as Frog Cave (named by Gary 'Lizard Man' Payne). And a happy-faced barrel cactus.

Put your smile on!

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