Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on AZ Walnut

Anne (left), Arizona Walnut 9/22/10
Anne next to Giant Reed 9/22/10 (No, she didn't shrink.)
Photos by Carol Tornow

See the tree? It's tall.  See the reed? It's taller.
You'll note that the Arizona Walnut has grown a lot since the first post. The giant reed has grown, too. (The reed in this area previously completely blocked the sun from our little AZ Walnut.) The battle to reclaim Sabino Canyon's riparian area is not over. In order to meet the goal of complete eradication of giant reed by 2012, we must be persistent. Because you care about the canyon, please take a moment today to: 1) thank the Forest Service for their role in the fight against Arundo donax (aka giant reed), and 2) to stress the importance of continuing the regular herbicide applications, by sending Angela Elam (point person for the Coronado District on the Sabino Arundo eradication project) an email: aelam at fs dot fed dot us

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