Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bridge Review and Arundo, too

BEFORE: Filled-in (north) side of Bridge one,  12/08/2008

BEFORE: Close-up of filled-in side, 12/08/2008

AFTER: 7/8/2009

Text from Mark Hengesbaugh: 

Remember when tram-riding visitors would encounter Sabino’s “bamboo” for the first time at Bridge One? Back then most of us believed removing the Giant Reed, or Arundo donax, from the canyon was a task somewhere near hopeless.
And that was only a few of years ago! The exotic 25-ft. tall Arundo did astonish visitors, but people who know and love the canyon understand that Arundo is a bully of a weed that quickly spreads and chokes out native plants.
It’s difficult to celebrate what’s missing, but we can cheer for the dozens of native plants that have returned to this spot, including a robust Desert Cotton bush. Let’s take a minute to remember and celebrate the success that 6,000 hours of volunteer labor brought to our canyon. And promise ourselves we’ll never let Arundo return.

 Anne says, bridge history here.

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