Thursday, December 15, 2011


Bridge 3 BEFORE 12/7/2008

Bridge 3 AFTER  6/14/2010

Text from Mark Hengesbaugh: 
This Giant Reed, or Arundo donax, at Bridge Three would have re-planted itself along Sabino creek multiple times if Arundo volunteers hadn’t taken it out Dec. 7, 2008. These twenty-foot-tall canes were daunting to look at, but gone after a morning of hard labor cutting, hauling and digging.
An invasive plant from Asia, Arundo spreads when a cane or a chunk of its rhizomes breaks off during flooding and takes root downstream. Volunteers began by first removing the furthest upstream Arundo stands then working downstream.
Live Arundo rhizomes remain underground in Sabino Canyon and re-sprouts from them must be treated to keep the pesky invader from returning. If you see Arundo sprouts in Sabino Canyon, be sure to note the location and to report them to a Forest Service representative at the visitor center. 
Anne says: If you see sprouts and the visitor center is not open, please report their location to me; I'll make sure the information gets to the person in charge of spraying.

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