Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Blooming Now!

Okay, these photos are from 2010. Ned took photos on the nature walk today that I'll get later. The same plants are blooming, though. Look for them.

Photo by Matt Ball

This is another primrose, specifically: Mustard Evening Primrose (aka California Sun Cup) Camissonia californica. It's in the Evening Primrose Family (Onagraceae) (and is NOT a mustard). Buds look orange, flower is smaller than a dime on a very slender stem. We saw several on the Bluff Trail this morning. Look carefully, though, as they are often hidden under other plants.

Photo by Matt Ball

Two plants here: The purple is Desert Lupine (Lupinus sparsiflorus). It's in the Pea Family (Fabaceae) and is only starting to bloom. You'll find this all along the road from the entrance to the Esperero Trail to the entrance to the Bluff Trail and beyond. This year's plants aren't very tall.
The yellow-orange is Fiddleneck (Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia). Borage Family (Boraginaceae) Also very low growing this year. We saw a number of these on the Bluff Trail.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's "Even More Blooming Now!"

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