Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember when? Dam Danger Defused

Text and Photos from Mark Hengesbaugh
"Only a few years ago Giant Reed (Arundo donax) posed a serious wildfire hazard to the native trees and plants on Sabino Creek. The 25-ft. stalks burn hot without damaging their roots, which then sprout and re-grow quickly before native vegetation can recover. On Aug. 10, 2009 the Arundo removal project got a big lift from 20 members of the Yuma Wildlands Fire Crew who cut into the Arundo infestation behind Sabino Dam."
"Crew member in the foreground said when he was in grade school his class visited the dam during a field trip by Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists."
Anne says: Let's keep the kids coming back to the canyon, but not the Giant Reed. Keep an eye out for sprouts. It's not over until a lot more birdies sing!

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