Tuesday, June 12, 2012

She's got it

These are not timely, but celestial events never get old. (And we won't be around for the next Venus transits: December 10–11, 2117 and in December 2125; although Ellen is holding out hope for the great upload aka singularity.) These wonderful Venus transit photos are by Marty Horowitz from 6/5/2012. He writes: 

Many thanks to my most excellent friend Dennis Dawson, who let me adapt my camera to his solar telescope with hydrogen alpha filter which made these pictures possible. [These] 3 images were taken through the telescope eyepiece by attaching the camera with an external bracket. As always, these are at reduced resolution to get thru the comcast filters.

Note the solar flare at the top of this one. 
And, in case you've forgotten from grade school, Venus is 2nd from the sun.
(Venus is the black dot.)
Thanks, Marty, for immortalizing this event for us!

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