Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Photo by Ned Harris 7/1/2013

Look at the photos on the Zebra-tailed lizard page and you can note the difference between Zebra-tailed and Greater Earless lizards. Greater Earless lizards have 'bars' near their Groin (or hind legs, if you prefer). G for Groin, G for Greater Earless. Zebra-tailed lizards have their bars near their Armpits (or closer to their front legs). Think A for Armpit, A for A to Zebra-tailed.
Also, Zebra-tailed lizards tend to hang out in the 'lower' canyon - from the visitor center to the Bluff trail; Greater Earless lizards from the Bluff trail into the canyon. They don't always read the books, though.

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