Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fred's fix and other updates

Fred wrote about New plant for me and thee (I updated the post as well.):

I hate to tell you this but I believe that plant is Wright’s Bee Flower (Hymenothrix wrightii) in the Sunflower Family. Later in the year it will put out a 2 foot + flower stalk with white flowers which are attractive to bees and other insects. You can see two of the dried stalks from last year at the back of the plant. For what it is worth, I know this plant well because it is a food plant of the Dainty Sulphur. We see lots of these plants and the butterflies in the sandy areas from below the dam to the Dam Bridge.
Anne says: I was out and about on 3/22 and saw a bunch more of these plants along the creek. As expected, Fred is correct. Alas, not a new plant at all. But I'll keep looking!

More news from the field:
Veterinary student Laura S wrote about Fred's pick:

We in the veterinary world call this Cuterebra jellisoni! Rare to find, especially at that size!!

Roger Rittmaster wrote about Mission to Lichens:

The green lichen is a Rhizocarpon species. I’m not sure what the grey/green species on the left is. However, it is a different genus.

Thank you to all readers, writers, and photographers for making this a fun learning blog!

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