Saturday, August 30, 2014

Red-spotted Toads

Photo by Ned Harris 8/19/2014

When it rains, the adult Red-spotted Toads come out to play.

From the link above:

Red-spotted toads can tolerate a 40% loss in body water and still be active during dry periods.
Breeding occurs from March to September and is often stimulated by rainfall. Breeding of desert spring or stream populations typically occurs March-June, while populations breeding in temporary pools or tinajas breed June-September. The call is a high trill lasting 4-10 seconds made by males from the shallows of the breeding pond or nearby on land, in burrows, or under rocks. The eggs are deposited singly or sometimes in short strands on the bottom of a pool. Tadpoles metamorphose in 1-2 months.

Anne says: Watch for tiny red-spotted toads on the roads in the next month or so.

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