Saturday, August 2, 2014


Inquiring blog readers (who receive the daily emails) have asked how to search for 'old' posts; I'll give you the scoop. is the website to remember - or better - to bookmark. That takes you directly to Your Daily Dose of Sabino Canyon. On the left, under 'Contact', you'll see: Search This Blog. Type what you'd like to find in the box and click the Search box. I've found it works best if you use one word, like: lion. You'll get Mountain Lion AND Antlion posts, but that's is better than getting no posts (because I used 'Mt.' or 'Mt' and not 'Mountain'; Ant lion and not Antlion, and so forth). 

You can also browse the Blog Archive. (Look just below Search This Blog.) If you'd like to see what was going on last year in August, for example, click on the arrowhead next to: 2013 (355). That lowers the months with their respective arrowheads. Click on the word August, though, to get the entire month of posts in reverse chronological order. You can go back in time. It's fun. Do this for 2012 and August, too. Some real treats in store....

And now for a bonus bird video

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