Monday, September 8, 2014

Rattle Tale

Photos by Ned Harris 9/5/2014

Ned and I were out and about on Friday; we saw loads of friends, flowers, and critters. Elissa (aka The Hummingbird Lady) let us know that a visitor had reported a 'baby rattlesnake' in the nearby women's restroom. (Of course, we had to investigate.) It turned out to be a valid report of a small Black-tailed Rattlesnake! Ned got great photos, including this one with some tongue action.

To complete the circle of kindness, Elissa made us this sign, and we posted it at the entrance. (When I returned home, I put some note paper in my pack for a future rattle tale.)

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  1. On 9/7/14 My wife, daughter and I went to the dam to see the water. The little one had to go to the bathroom she took her in there. After potty was done she says "look mommy a snake". It was very close to the door- my wife picked up our daughter and jumped out the door, she had informed me of the snake, I went to investigate it, I called the rangers to inform them, they said they only had one person working the area today. Since I've hunted rattlesnakes and others before - I decided to move the snake from the bathroom - If the ranger takes to long to remove it someone may get bit - This particular rattler was very docile ( but don't let that fool you) sometimes they do NOT rattle before striking. The rattler is about 3' long approximate age is 1-1/2 to 2 years old (he had about 4 -5 rattles on him still with the neo-natal (button) ) and No you cannot tell the age from the rattles - each rattle tells you how many times they have shed skin. but the fact that the rattles can break off can fool you too.

    Moving the rattler with a long hook-like stick , i had moved him up onto the rocks about 150 feet away from path and bathroom, after placing him down, he slithered all the way back to the bathroom. Picked him up again, moved him about 300 feet. I walked away and he started to follow me, I stopped and watched as he went past me within 2 feet of me and back to the bathroom he goes...... hmmmmm....
    try a THIRD time, same thing.... I decided he needs to be moved further than 1/2 mile and don't have a bag to move him with. so i decided to let him be in the bathroom and I closed the door, blocked it off with some big branches, and started to look for something to write on to warn everyone,not to go in the bathroom untill the ranger can clear him out... i look in the garbage can and i found this piece of paper -- YOUR piece of paper with the warning on it.!!!! still in good shape !!! A ranger must have moved him after and the out the paper - but didn't move him far enough so he came back. so I called the rangers to make sure they move him at least 1/4 -1/2 mile away. Thank goodness no one has been bit. And thank you for putting that paper up and for me to find 2 days later in the garbage in perfect condition to reuse ( from now on, I too will have to add Paper to my backpack for things like this.)
    after telling my story to work colleague yesterday, I was informed today that his wife goes on this site and she was telling him about this article.. and I thought after reading this, I should post my little adventure with the same rattle snake to you !!!!
    Bruce Pogosaew