Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bees and DYCs

Click on the photo and note the red oval drawn at the base of the willow
Photo by Marty Horowitz 1/26/2015

Marty sent this photo of an active beehive located above the dam, at east end (along the creek) in the area where the hummingbird feeders are located during the banding activity. He's alerted the Forest Service, and the appropriate barriers and signs should be up shortly. But use caution and avoid that area altogether.

Photo by Ned Harris 1/21/2015

This bee is attracted to a invasive from South Africa, Sweet Resin Bush (Euryops multifidus). We noticed this on Ned's Nature Walk on the north side of the main trail from the parking lot. It looks pretty in this photo, I'll grant you. A team will be removing this patch in early February, though.

If you see people - regardless of how official looking they are - removing or destroying plants in Sabino Canyon, be sure to stop and inquire. Alas, it's not always official.

And please never remove anything that you think might be an invasive without verification and permission. The plant above look like other plants in the Aster (Sunflower) family, including Turpentine Bush and Snakeweed. Lots of DYCs (damn yellow composites) in Sabino Canyon.

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