Tuesday, January 13, 2015


All photos by Ned Harris 1/10/2015

Can't get enough of these Cedar Waxwings! Click on the photo above for a larger view. Note the brilliant red at the tips of the wings and the bright yellow on the tail. According to the link above:

Cedar Waxwings are pale brown on the head and chest fading to soft gray on the wings. The belly is pale yellow, and the tail is gray with a bright yellow tip. The face has a narrow black mask neatly outlined in white. The red waxy tips to the wing feathers are not always easy to see.

Cedar Waxwings are social birds that you’re likely to see in flocks year-round. They sit in fruiting trees swallowing berries whole, or pluck them in mid-air with a brief fluttering hover. They also course over water for insects, flying like tubby, slightly clumsy swallows.

These winter visitors to Sabino Canyon love Desert Mistletoe  (Phoradendron californicum) berries.

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