Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter showers give us flowers

First up for flower week, Evening Primroses...

Photos by Ned Harris 2/16/2015

Both above are Yellow Desert Primrose (Oenothera primiveris). These beauties grow low to the ground. They have 4 pale yellow, heart-shaped petals. The flowers open late at night and close early. Look low and look early. We saw a number of these along the road into Bear Canyon, before you reach the Bear Canyon Bridge. 

This one is called Mustard Evening Primrose (Camissonia californica). It looks like a mustard in the way the flowers are arranged along the tall stem. This particular plant had the thickest stem I've ever seen! Mustard Evening Primroses are usually much more delicate, less trunk like!
We saw these along the east side between the Bear Canyon and Dam bridges; also in the dam area, under and among other plants. 

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