Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crested Mystery

Photo by Jeannie Hutchins, March 2015

Jeannie sent this photo to Mark Hengesbaugh, then to me, wondered if it might be the world's shortest crested saguaro. It looked to me, though, like someone tried to re-plant a crest that had broken off. Mark investigated further and solved the mystery.

Photo (and shadow) by Mark Hengesbaugh 3/24/2015

Mark writes:

Jeannie Hutchins's cactus find turned out to be a cristate barrel, which accounts for its stubby shape. It is in a very difficult spot under a low-hanging mesquite so it’s unlikely to have been re-planted.

Close-up view by Mark Hengesbaugh 3/24/2015

Anne says: Note the curved spines on the crest. Saguaros have straight spines.

See this site for crested saguaros, and this post for more crested barrels.

Thanks, Mark, for solving this mystery.

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