Friday, August 14, 2015

Snake sightings

Photo by Ned Harris 8/2/2015

Sonoran Whipsnake (info below from Reptiles of AZ):

This very fast moving, alert, diurnal predator forges in the mid-morning sun, often hinting with its head elevated high off the ground.It is primarily a ground-dweller but it spends some time in trees and often flees into the high branches of trees when threatened. It occasionally sleeps in trees on warm, humid nights. It hibernates during the cold months of late fall and winter. When captured it does not hesitate to bite.

Photo by Ned Harris 8/9/2015

Coachwhip - see the link for info on the various subspecies in Arizona.

Another great photo by Ned Harris 8/9/2015

Another Sonoran Whipsnake (or maybe the same one??) Click photo for a larger view. 

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