Friday, October 23, 2015

You're so veined!

You probably think this blog is about Veined Ctenucha (teh-NEW-kah) moths. And it is!
Beth writes at the link above:

Despite its bright, bold coloration, diurnal (daytime) habits, and strange, beetle-like or wasp-like appearance, the Veined Ctenucha (Ctenucha venosa) is actually a moth.

Indeed, we saw loads of them in Sabino Canyon on 10/14/2015. They didn't sit still very long, though!

Photo by Ned Harris 10/14/2015

This one is on a Sensitive Pea plant (Chaemacrista nictitans var. mensalis). 

Photos by Ned Harris 10/13/2015

Ned photographed some in his backyard the day before. Click on these photos to see the feather-like antennae. 

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