Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Perch here often?

Photo by Terry Garlow January 2016

Tandem Feeder
Gila Woodpeckers. Male on the left, female on the right. 

Terry writes:

These two woodpeckers like to hang out at my hummingbird feeder in the Sabino Canyon Volunteer RV Compound. I realize there are differing opinions on bird feeders, but I have sure learned a lot about bird behavior having this show out my window. I never realized how much hummingbirds and even the verdins protect their food source territories. It’s interesting to see which other hummingbirds the owner of my feeder – an Anna’s hummingbird - let’s in. And how much he chatters when the verdins or Gila woodpeckers take over.

Thanks, Terry, for this amazing photo!

Check out this amazing map of bird migration (from our friends at All About Birds)

And this concludes your week of birds. For this month, anyway.

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