Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Truly Buggy

Our favorite bug lady, Margarethe Brummermann, has made it easy to have true bugs in the house.

copyright Margarethe Brummermann 

That's right! Her latest poster brings Arizona true bugs to you in a form you'll want to display - not spray!

She writes: 

I am releasing the third of my Arizona Arthropod Posters, True Bugs of Arizona. It presents even more diversity than the two others. I invested a lot of time in this one because there aren't really many good books available about True Bugs, but they are really an amazing group.

On the poster, 28 families (29 if you count Phymatidae) are represented by 73 identified species. A black and white template and the species list organized in taxonomic groupings comes with the poster. The posters are again 18 in x 24 in and cost $20 plus shipping.

 See all three posters at her blog Arizona: Beetles Bugs Birds and More and order by sending her an email (listed at the link).

Start this new year with true bugs of Arizona!

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