Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We continue our forage for Borage with Cryptantha species.

(The most fantastic botanical dictionary is the Botanary at Dave's Garden. I could spend hours here. Thanks, Dave.)

These Borage plants have tiny, white flowers. Their fruits are tiny, too. We are going to be enormously satisfied to put these in the Borage family and call it a day. (There are other species in this family with tiny white flowers. Stay tuned.)

Photo credits (clockwise, from left): Ned Harris; Gene Spesard; Matt Ball

Just because I can, I'll include two slides of positively identified Crytantha species! You can note the hairy foliage, tiny flowers, and tiny fruits.

Photo credits: Keir Morse

Photo credits: Flowers: Michael Charters;  Fruit - Steve Matson 

Tomorrow, we'll take a turn for the purple.

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