Saturday, February 27, 2016

Smallest last

This final forage for Borage is of two with tiny white flowers.

Photo credits: ©2008 Neal Kramer - ©2004 Aaron Schusteff

The human finger in the photo above is a normal-sized one. The fruits of this Borage family plant are tiny, just as you'd expect.

Photo credits: ©2012 Neal Kramer - ©2008 Neal Kramer

The foliage in this photo looks almost dangerous. Remember, though, that Borage family plants have hairy foliage - not spiny : -)

That wasn't so bad now, was it? Let's review what we learned about plants in the Borage Family. (Remember, you are now able to look at a plant in Sabino Canyon and say: "That's in the Borage family." Or: "That's not in the Borage Family." We're taking the first step with these tutorial days. You can learn more later, if you like.)

Looking at the 3 Fs, we want hairy foliage. If we find that, we look at flowers. They'll be small. If we can get close (don't pick!!) and can see five lobes/petals; five stamens (male parts); 5 'parts,' we'll say: Hooray! If we see tiny fruits (we probably won't), that's further evidence that we're looking at a Borage. Any questions?

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