Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mixed Metaphor

Photo by Lyn Hart 4/8/2016

A Gambel's Quail at Lyn's decided to put all her eggs in one pot!
Lyn sneaked in (where Gila Monsters dare to tread) for this photo when the future mom was out for some breakfast.

Photo by Lyn Hart 4/12/2016

Lyn writes on Day 12 of nest watching:

Mama just left the nest to get a snack... couldn't detect any cracks in the eggs, but if you [compare this photo with the photo from 4/8, you'll] note how the eggs have been moved around. My favorite is the one with the big grayish spots. I have noticed that mama also changes her position on the nest. Quail don't really build a nest; they make a shallow depression for the eggs. The mama lines it with some of her own feathers... judging from size & coloration, I think the feathers are from her breast.

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