Friday, June 10, 2016

Great Expectations

Fred Heath reports on the state of the Night Blooming Cereus (Peniocereus greggi) plants in Sabino Canyon from his early morning walk on 5/19/2016. (Anne says: Of course, these plants have progressed - or not - since then. If you have any updates, please sent to me and I'll spread the word.)

Photos and text by Fred Heath, 5/19/2016.

Near Woman’s Rest Room (at Visitor Center): This plant looks awful with no buds. We’ve seen others in bad shape only to surprise us in another year. Since the great majority of the plant is underground, it could be fine. Maybe it’s taking a year off. (No photos)

Bear Canyon Trail under mesquite just before the Nature Trail
Bear Canyon Trail under mesquite just before the Nature Trail: This plant has two main stems- the one to the left that leans at 45° looks bad, but the upright stem to the right has some growths at the tip which I think are new stems (see photo above), but no flower buds.

Two of the 13 flower buds that look the farthest along
Bear Canyon Trail between it and start of Esperero Trail: This plant is the best looking one and has three healthy stems coming out of the ground with at least 13 flower buds (photo above shows two). 

There are a number of other growths (see photo above) which may be more flower buds or new stems.

Bear Canyon Trail just east of the previous plant under the mesquite: This plant has 6 flower buds. 

Bear Canyon Trail in the open, west of the sewer cover: This plant has 8 flower buds. 

Median on main tram road: This plant has at least one flower bud, but I’m not sure what the other new growths will be when they grow up.

Thanks, Fred, for this in-depth coverage!

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