Monday, June 27, 2016

Super Cooper's

Recent sightings of one fledgling from the Cooper's Hawks who hatched this year. Mom and Dad have been sighted in the area, too.

Photo © Mark Hengesbaugh 6/13/2016

Fledgling from the front

Photo © Jim Klinger 6/13/2016

Fledgling, back view

Photo © Ned Harris 6/15/2016

Mom on the lookout

Notes from Ned:

When I am trying to id a perched accipiter (noun. 1. a hawk of the genus Accipiter, having short, rounded wings and a long tail and feeding chiefly on small mammals and birds), the first thing I look for is the shape of the underside of the tail. Cooper's Hawks have a rounded tail in flight, and this is because the outer tail feathers are noticeably shorter than the central ones. When the bird is perched, the tail feathers show a stair-step pattern on the underside due to this variation in feather length.

Photo © Ned Harris 6/15/2016

Same one as above? Mom knows.

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