Thursday, May 25, 2017

More on Minnows

More on Gila Topminnows in Sabino Creek from Tom, Fred, and Bill.

Tom Skinner found the email with date and number info; specifically, 510 Gila Topminnow were released the morning of August 19, 2015.

Fred Heath wrote:

[On 5/17/2017] I found topminnows below bridge #1, above bridge #5 and below bridge #8. In addition, there were some below Anderson Dam where the water becomes shallow as it goes between some trees. In the deep pools just below Anderson Dam there were only chubs, including a few big enough to swallow many topminnows in a single gulp.

Today (5/22/2017) I’m still seeing a few below the Bear Bridge (these won’t last for many more days), below the Dam Bridge and below the dam itself in the next pool downstream from the large pool below the bedrock morteros.

Bill Kaufman sent this photo from 5/12/2017

Click photo for larger view
And Fred notes: 

the picture from Bill Kaufman show[s] how the top minnows mouth faces upward [...] and helps explain why they are every bit as effective as the non-native mosquitofish in mosquito control (eating the floating larvae and pupae).

Thank you, Tom, Fred, and Bill for contributing to this fish story. 

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