Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting to know your lizards

Zebra-Tailed Lizard. 3/16/11
This beauty was spotted on the nature walk today (and photographed by Ned Harris. All photos are from Ned, but only the one above is from today). Small lizards are the first ones out, then the larger ones and (everyone's favorite) the snakes. The Zebra-Tailed lizard will turn up its tail and wag it back and forth to confuse predators. But so does the Greater Earless Lizard. How do you tell the difference? 

Greater Earless
In the photo above, you'll note the two stripes by the groin. If you see those, you know you have a Greater Earless. Think: G for groin. G for Greater Earless. 

Zebra-Tailed Lizard
Note on the Zebra-tailed lizard above, the two stripes (not as prominent) are by the armpit. Think: Armpit = A through Zebra-tailed. Corny, but it works.

Which one is this? 
If you said: Groin = G = Greater Earless, you are a winner!

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