Monday, March 21, 2011

A tree for three (and ZZ)

Bridge three, photo by Carol Tornow
Curve to the right to cross bridge three. This is still one of the ERA-built bridges. Head to the middle and look downstream. You'll see the tree below.

Gnarly tree at Bridge three, Photo by Carol T
The roots of this tree are exposed quite a bit, very distinctive. Note, too, the ledge: Like the others, bridge three has a similarly deep ledge on the upstream side (if you dig down enough). If the tree doesn't help you remember three, see the photo below for another tip.

Bridge three crew, Photo by Mark Hengesbaugh
The huge patch of giant reed is - hooray - no longer at bridge three, thanks to this crew, which includes the bearded man on the left, who reminds me of the band ZZ Top. Three rhymes with Z. (What can I say? It's how my mind works.)

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