Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The truck stops here!

Truck bed frame
Engine and wheel hub
Heading into the canyon on the road, just after crossing bridge four, you'll see some metal sticking out near the creek on your right. (Thanks to Jim 'not that Jimmy' Connors for the tip.) It seems to me that more of these artifacts have been uncovered since the Forest service removed a trash can from this area, and since the construction workers are using stones from nearby to surface the new restrooms. When I first noticed parts of this, I thought it might be a ski lift. Jim pointed out that it's a 6-cylinder engine, though, and upon closer inspection, you can see how the tailgate would fit onto the frame. These parts have clearly been there for some time; the tree has roots around the tailgate, and the frame is more than half buried. If you know how this truck came to rest here, please share with me and we'll call this an official canyon curiosity!

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