Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bird Show

Cactus Wren, AZ State Bird
Cactus Wren Gymnastics
In Anne's simplified bird world,  males are either much more brightly colored than the females or both sexes look the same.
Cactus wrens fly into the latter category.

You guessed it! Both sexes look the same in the verdin

Pyrrhuloxia, male
Pyrrhuloxia, female
Pyrrhuloxias, on the other hand, are sexually dimorphic. (That's your word of the day.)

Broad-billed hummingbird, male
Broad-billed hummingbirds also exhibit sexual dimorphism. And, writing of hummingbirds, don't forget to come to a banding session. Next one is Saturday, 30 April, sunrise plus 5 hours. Lots of birds (including some rarely-seen-in-Sabino-Canyon Broad-tailed hummingbirds) and visitors today (April 16). All of these beautiful photos by Ned Harris. 

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