Monday, April 4, 2011

Snakes just wanna have fun!

Black-necked Garter Snake, photo by Ned Harris, 3/30/11
The Black-necked Garter Snake is said to be the most commonly sighted snake in the canyon. Probably because these guys and gals like the creek as much as we humans do. Look for them over the sides of the bridges as well as in the water by the dam. They are non-venomous, so enjoy watching and photographing. 

Swimming by the dam, photo by Ned Harris, 3/30/11
First one to send in a report of a rattlesnake sighting wins an all-expenses-paid* hike with Anne in the canyon. What are you waiting for?! *Expenses start after arrival at the visitor center. 
My sincere thanks to all of the great photographers who continue to keep this blog supplied with their wonderful photos. We all benefit tremendously from your mastery with the camera. 

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