Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fire in Sabino Canyon!

c. 7:30 am
Firefighters on the scene
Photos from Maggie and Loren Rathert, on the scene in Sabino Canyon Sunday morning 4/24/11. The fire was in the area above the dam, where we take kids to 'Frog Cave' on the lizard program (i.e., across the creek from the hummingbird area and from where we take the kids on the elementary program). No news yet on how it started, but the Forest Service did put out a press release about the fire danger on the weekend.


  1. Unofficial info gleaned from a FS employee on Sunday morning indicates it was human-caused. Appeared to be a campfire in an unauthorized location (i.e. not in a fire pit or in a grill).

  2. Saw the spot this morning. It's almost directly across Sabino Lake from the new Cooper's nest.