Monday, June 27, 2011

Protect Sabino Canyon

Dick Grisham (SCVN Class of 2007!) did the research and wrote the plan. Here, I've excerpted two sections (grocery stores and government) that I think might get the most positive response. Many thanks to Dick for this post:

My line of attack is:
1. Those selling fireworks are selling something for which there is no lawful use. Both the county and the city of Tucson have made all consumer use of fireworks illegal.
2. Sabino Canyon is a great treasure of Arizona. That there are sales of fireworks within a mile or two of the canyon increases the risk of serious damage to the canyon.
3. And fundamentally, it is mindless to sell fireworks when this part of Arizona is in an extreme drought that has already produced disastrous fires.
Grocery Stores: Both Basha's and Safeway have fireworks displays inside their stores. Whenever you are in one of the local stores, ask for the manager and protest mightily [but politely]. I have done so at the Basha's at Sunrise and Kolb and was received positively.  
Basha's Corporate Office Public Relations 480 895-5369. To send an email, go to, click on Contact Us (top right) which will take you to a page from which you can send an email.
Safeway at Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon 731-0117. Safeway at Sunrise and Swan 299-3534. To send an email, got to, scroll to the bottom, click on Contact Us (under 'Company Info') and then Comments and Suggestions.
Government: I think we should make our representatives sweat a bit about their votes for HB 2246. I indicated that those who voted for HB 2246 will have a direct and personal responsibility for any fires that arise from consumer use of fireworks. The Sabino Canyon area is mostly in District 30.
Senator Frank Antenori, 602 926-5683
Representative David Gowan,  602 926-3312
Representative Ted Vogt,  602 926-3235
For legislators from other districts, go to Arizona Legislature and you will find member rosters.

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