Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two for one!

Photo by Ned Harris, 6/7/11
Photo by Ned Harris, 6/7/11
Thanks to Ned for again providing beautiful photos from Sabino Canyon. (I'm going to dole them out in several posts, though, so we'll have some recent ones to look at as we wait on plentiful rain.) Click on the top photo for a larger view and to confirm my identification of the hummingbird as an Anna's male. These hummingbirds are considered 'stocky' and '(American) football-shaped'. As in many bird species, the males are much more colorful than the females. This male is perched on an agave chrysantha, commonly known as a century plant, even though they don't live that long. The flowers are bright and beautiful, and the plant does die after flowering. An update on the Family for this plant: it's now in the Asparagus Family (Asparagaceae). How about that?!

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